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Raj Shiksha Niketan

We welcome you and wish you & your child a great success and prosperity. We have always been motivated to serve our country in a great way by the teachings of our friends, scholars & ‘Ideal Gurus’.

Providing quality education, recreating students into a good citizen must be a better option to serve our country. Education & peace are complementary to each other. Establishing this school is a little effort for this great cause. Thus, on the bank of Panchane river, in a pure, peaceful and pleasing environment, this school has been established. In is a humble request to all of you to pray for us so that this school may get success in accomplishing its goal and never mislead from its path.

The goal of education is not only Providing efficiency to the students in alphabets & numbers but also forming their personality and making them civilized citizen so that they can contribute in forming a good family, a new society and a better world and can transform this world into a ‘Heaven’ created by God.

Today’s education system is completely based on competition. This truth can neither be denied nor be separated completely. But it is true that competition may be a part of education not the aim of education. Students would choose or like to learn some special subjects because their motto is to become Doctors & Engineers in future & that’s the reason they have less interest in other subjects except math & science. We want to make them realise that an engineer can make a remarkable creation, only if he has an impervious knowledge of every subject.  

We want to inform you that the goal of our school is to develop versatile brilliance and efficiency in our students. We know that cramming knowledge is only confined to school and creative knowledge or skills will always lead students to the path of progress.

We are much affected by the ancient method of teachings in ‘Gurukul’. So, it is better to call our school a Gurukul not a Convent.

We are thankful to you to come in this school and give us an opportunity to make our dream true. We request you to think, make yourself satisfied and then chose a good school for your child. At last if you find us capable in all respects we will be fortunate to help you.

We, RSN family, accompanying you, will work hard for this great cause.

A new ray of hope for the students and the parents “Raj Shiksha Niketan”.

Rajesh Prasad